Welcome to Northcode!

We are a programming/minecraft community!

Minecraft server: server.northcode.no

Welcome to Northcode!

Welcome to Northcode, we are a small software development group that originally started with just Andreas (AnLa061095).
It does now include my cousin Jens (Jenjen1324) and close friend (Kvamren).

It started with a small minecraft server that Andreas was the admin of. We played together with friends only (Jens, ivistar, alpna, Kvamren) and developed in to the server that it is now. The admins of the minecraft server are now Andreas and Jens. The server is owned by AnLa06195 and the webpage is rented by him too.

Jens came up with the idea to make a "Minecraft Jar Restorer" to manage version of Minecraft. He was very unexpirienced at that time and came up with a crappy C# program that did it's job (kind of). Andreas joined in to the program and started developing with Jens.

Andreas and Jens developed together the MCJar-Restorer (that can still be found somewhere in the MinecraftForums) and released it. It didn't get much attention and wasn't further continued.

After a year (or so) Andreas started a new version of it. Jens joined in quickly and together they created the MC-Manager that is still heavily in development. They want to add a ton of features and get popular :).

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New Project Management Stuff & Servers

Programs/Projects are now managed dynamically.

The server page has stuff and there is a teamspeak plugin on the main page that shows the current situation on our chat server.

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New Login API!

We now have a login api for northcode, aswell as opening up registration of new users!
If you are a webmaster interested in working with the api, you can order a key and copy of it here: http://dev.northcode.no/api/

If you are a new user to northcode you can register here: http://dev.northcode.no/register.php

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Project Management Thingy WIP

We now have a project management system.

Its is still work in progress, so there is no editing or creating projects yet, but we\\\'re working on it!

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